Testmine Limited

TestMine is a multi-national company which is into :

        * Software development
        * Mobile Apps development
        * Test consulting
        * Agency services

Depending on the client's needs, we adapt our services around it. We understand every client may have unqiue requirements, hence we offer customised development / testing solutions to every client of our's.

The founders of the company themselves have been Project Managers & Test Managers at various levels in different companies, and have sound knowledge & good experience in the field.

Please contact us anytime! We look
forward to hearing from you.

We are delighted to take the services of TestMine. We have recruited IT contractors through TestMine recently, and the professionalism, dedication & recruitment expertise displayed by them was excellent. We will continue to use their services for recruitment of qualified & experienced staff

- Jason Miller,
HR Partner, IBM UK Ltd